Best Paper Award

Paper ID Title Author(s)
70 A multi-objective network design model for the planning of safety routes to school. Hua-Jun Yan and Jenn-Rong Lin
60 Seaport network design for port development and integration of archipelagic Philippines Annaliza Estrebello and Vincent Yu
31 Powering highway transportation with solar energy Chi-Tai Wang
22 Ezlog: data visualization for logistics Aldy Gunawan, Benjamin Gan, Jin An Tan, Sheena Lenore Sy Lee Villanueva and Timothy Jun Wen Kooi
7 Adaptive large neighborhood search for green mixed fleet vehicle routing problem with realistic energy consumption and partial recharges Vincent F. Yu, Panca Jodiawan and Aldy Gunawan
98 Optimization and analysis of three-part tariff pricing strategies Hsin-Yi Lin and Chen-Ju Lin
102 Benefits of workflow automation: simulation evidence from a large hotel Mark Goh, Dao Duy Son, Bapi Dutta and Vikas Kumar Mishra
25 Optimal Impawn Rate for Inventory Financing: A Dynamical Canonical Vine Copula-based Approach Bangdong Zhi, Xiao Wang and Fangming Xu
105 Logistics engineering application in the logistics maturity model for the service enterprises Karolina Werner - Lewandowska and Monika Kosacka-Olejnik
108 Blockchain for global supply chain: trends and opportunities Shang-Ching Kuei and Mu-Chen Chen